We have experience in manufacturing fusible apparel interlinings, non-woven printing and bonding, and textile adhesive printing. We specialize in the manufacturing of UV coaters and Hot Melt Adhesive Gravure Printers and Slitters.

The Hot Melt Adhesive Gravure Printer

Our Hot Melt Gravure Printer will produce a unique "proud" dot that will stand alone on the surface of the woven textile or non-woven fabrics with great advantage in productivity. In-line lamination of a second material can be accomplished with our free standing printer.
Our free standing printer can be installed in-line to replace existing wet coaters, powder point, electrostatic, scatter or paste printers, thus allowing you to shorten the entire production line. The free standing printer allows you to modernize existing lines.
Maintenance of this print system is made easy as the arrangement of the unit allows changing of the gravure print roll or impression roll quickly. Also, the high temperature bearings can be changed without removing the gravure print roll or rubber impression roll. A daily cleanup of the gravure print roll is not necessary with current technology. The length of time between print roll cleaning will vary with the type of coating resins used, application temperature, as well as the amount of continuous or start-stop running on a production line.


Although the gravure print system has been initially chosen and developed to provide long run stability of add on weight, the resin add on weight can be adjusted slightly by the adjustment of roll blade angle, pressure, and resin temperature.

Hot Melt Adhesive Gravure Printers

Standard Features

  • Free standing gravure printing machine, motor driven machine, bottom printing.
  • Coating widths of 30, 48, 60, 72, and 84 inches are standard in this series. Custom designs can go up to 100 inches.
  • Double-wall constructed "oil heated" rolls which can be heated or cooled as the application requires.
  • Silicone rubber covered impression roll allows high temperature applications and simplifies cleanup.
  • Air cylinder lift off of the impression roll with full capability to return to a pre-set stop which allows a uniform printing impression.
  • Heated doctor bar and hot melt fountain combination to maintain uniform adhesive temperatures and metering.
  • The machine is mounted on "V" groove rollers with leveling pins on all four corners for uniform leveling.


  • Air Knife.
  • Air operated pinch roll for laminating which can be oil heated or cooled.
  • Chill rolls.
  • Re-circulating hot oil heater with zone heat/cool controls.
  • Complete process lines available.
  • Unwind and rewind stands.


  • Format: 2 roll, bottom printer free standing, motor driven with remote speed control.
  • Control: By gravure principal, total tolerance 10%.
  • Print Control: Air cylinder lift off, solenoid control; returns to adjustable limit-stops for repeatable impression.
  • Materials coated: Webs from 1 mm to what can be rewound.
  • Width Coated: All machines will coat random widths up to width specified plus 2 inches.
  • Temperature Range: 180 F - 480 F continuous operation standard.
  • Heat Source: Heated by re-circulating hot oil system, thermostatically controlled.
  • Air Requirement: 100 psi, 2 cfm.
  • Drive: Variable speed gear motor standard, capable of 300' per minute.


  • As well as Gravure Printers we also offer to build slitters that are custom fit to your needs.