Some of the coating and laminating processes we have available are Hot-Melt, Roto-Gravure full width coating, stripe coating, pattern coating and dot coating. We can supply almost any pattern imaginable.

Other Available Services

  • Corona Treatment: We provide corona treatment up to a width of 30 inches.

    What is Corona Treatment?

         Corona is generated by applying high voltage electrical energy to the active element inside the electrode and then discharging this energy through the dielectric ceramic to the ground roll. This process uses high voltage corona for surface modification of the polymer tube in order to improve the adhesive bond.

  • Slitting

    We offer score cut slitting for up to 48 inches in width.

  • Gravure Printing

      Multiple patterns available: Dot patterns, Cross Hatch, Herringbone, Quad Patterns, and any pattern designed to fit the customer's needs.